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Walker's partner goes undercover and gets sent to prison. But the bus never makes it when a hurricane blows into Texas and Walker follows the escapees to a remote hotel where only the owners and a special friend still remain.
This little gem is one of my more favorite episodes for the following reasons:<br/><br/>1: Trivette has more of a central plot and gets to really kick some ass. 2: Richard Norton plays the lead criminal. 3: Walker punks the bad guys pretty good.<br/><br/>&quot;Spoilers&quot; Walker and the team are working this case in which they are trying to bust this drug kingpin by the name of BlackJack but someone needs to go undercover in prison and infiltrate Black jacks crime ring and that person is none other than Trivette. While Trivette is on the prison bus a lightning strikes a pole and forces the bus off the road in which it hits a tree and Trivette, along with several other convicts, find a nearby hotel and take the owners hostage. Walker gets wind of this and runs out into the storm and locates the hotel and one by one Walker and Trivette take out the criminals with the help of a paralyzed woman whom Walker had saved earlier from trying to commit suicide. <br/><br/>Neat episode, Walker is a true badass as usual and has some pretty memorable one-liners such as &quot;Your idea of family, sucks the high wind&quot; and &quot;90 percent of all accidents happen in their home&quot;. It was nice to see Trivette the center of attention and having the bad guys respect him with praises such as &quot;you move at the speed of sound&quot;. Richard Norton plays a terrific villain with his impressive physique and dark nature with a cool accent adding to the awesomeness of the character. Other familiar faces in this episode are Luis Guzman and Tiny Lister who play two of the escaped convicts. Nice seeing Luis Guzman feuding with Trivette the whole time which lead to a satisfying beatdown delivered by Trivette. Tiny Lister was comical with his constant whimpering. <br/><br/>Another jealousy moment in which Walker Kisses the woman in a wheelchair and Alex and the rest watch. Anywhoo great episode!
This episode is a remake of Key Largo (1948) with Bogart and Bacall. What Fun! It&#39;s not exactly the same but they lifted the setting wholesale, the main shape is quite similar, and a variety of characters and characteristics were mixed and matched. Instead of mob thugs we get a van load of escaped convicts.<br/><br/>It was nice to see Jimmy Trivett have a more central role in the plot and he also gets to do more of the fighting. There were more one-liners I thought. The whole Trivett under-cover thing reminded me of the time Gage and Sid go undercover in the biker gang. <br/><br/>I don&#39;t remember seeing Walker sweet talk and kiss some random woman like that before. Different.

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